Kascho Art Kunst from Aachen


Welcome to my studio

My name is Kascho, and I am a self-taught artist from Aachen, Germany. My art is greatly influenced by my Psychology Major. For many years I have been interested in the human mind and behavior. Therefore, I don’t paint a person’s appearance, but instead their personality.

I do so by using many layers of vibrant acrylic paint. In the end, each painting has a different color scheme as each person has their own individual personality. I often describe my art as a mixture of abstract and figurative art which is heavily influenced by expressionism. Every painting is a surprise and driven by emotion, therefore, it is never planned.

I am an emerging artist that has had a few group exhibitions and a Solo exhibition in Aachen. My work can be found in private collections in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at contact@kascho.art. I am looking forward to your messages!